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Curtain Cleaning Services

Curtain Cleaning Services
Curtain Cleaning Services

“Quick, Affordable And Efficient Services”

Our curtain cleaning services are rapid, effective, and cost-effective.

Regular curtain cleaning not only extends the life of your curtains, but it also eliminates any allergies that may be present. Because dust mites and mold spores are two of the most prevalent asthma triggers, it's critical to have your curtains cleaned by professionals. Unfortunately, if you're like the majority of homeowners, you can't afford to waste time. Just because you're short on time doesn't mean your curtains – or your family's health - have to suffer as a result.

Hassle Free

We avoid the hassle of removing, cleaning, drying, and hanging your curtains, resulting in minimal delay and clean curtains.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Pro 2 Clean guarantees the quality of our service, which means that it will be effective, safe, and environmentally friendly. We promise 100% customer satisfaction.

Why Book Our Curtain Cleaning Services?

  • More than 15 years of curtain cleaning experience
  • Our cleaning methods are 100% environmentally friendly
  • We are always on time - every time!
  • Friendly 24/7 customer service and Support
  • Affordable, safe and effective

Curtain Cleaning Services

An on-site curtain cleaning service has been designed to completely eliminate the problems of shrinking and fabric damage. Pro 2 Clean's cleaning solution is not only safe for the environment, but it's also safe for use on most sorts of fabrics, including those that have been sun-damaged. Cleaning on-site has a lot of advantages. One of the benefits of cleaning drapes on the rail is that it saves the trouble of having to take the curtains down and rehang them. Because no water is used in the procedure, there is no risk of draperies shrinkage or fabric damage. Despite the fact that the technique is softer on the drapes, there is a significant difference.

Pro 2 Clean Specializes in Curtain Cleaning

A professional curtain cleaning service is required to care for your curtains and maintain your investment. Look no farther if this is what you require. Curtain washing is a specialty of ours. Almost every style of curtain fabric, pelmet, or tie-back can be cleaned using our method.

Here Is Why Curtains Should Be Cleaned
  • Prevent the build-up of biological matter.
  • Prevent the accumulation of allergens such as dust mites, dust and pollen.
  • Protect the fabric quality and life span of your Curtains.
  • Protect against viruses, bacteria, and fungus.
Our Residential Cleaning Packages

Residential Cleaning Packages:

There are Few companies that offer cleaning packages due to profit margins, but we believe that with over 15 years’ experience in the residential cleaning Industry and a responsibility as a South African based Cleaning Company that this is no time to think about profits, we believe package pricing gives value to our residential customers, especially in the times we are in today.

Our Affordable Cleaning Packages:
  • Please contact us today to see which cleaning package you qualify for.
  • We always Reward our clients: More Cleaning – More Value for Money
  • Terms and Conditions Apply

residential and commercial cleaning
Residential Cleaning Services Added Services to choose from when booking a residential cleaning service:
Carpet Cleaning Services
  • 3-Seater Couch Cleaning
  • 1 King / Queen Size Mattress Cleaning
  • 2 Rooms – Disinfecting Fogging
Curtain Cleaning Services
  • 3-Seater Couch Cleaning
  • 1 King / Queen Size Mattress
  • 2 Rooms – Disinfecting Fogging
Mattress Cleaning Services
  • 1 Single Mattress Cleaning
  • 1 Standard Room Carpet Cleaning
  • 2 Rooms – Disinfecting Fogging
Furniture / Upholstery Cleaning Services
  • 1 x Livingroom Disinfecting Fogging Services
  • 1 King Size Mattress Cleaning
  • 1 Standard Room Carpet Cleaning
Pre-Occupational Cleaning Services
  • Disinfecting Fogging whole House
  • Window Cleaning – Whole House
  • Carpet Cleaning – Whole House
Window Cleaning Services
  • 3 Rooms + Kitchen Disinfecting Fogging Service
Home Disinfecting / Sanitising Services
  • 3-Seater Couch Cleaning
  • 1 King / Queen Size Mattress + Single Mattress
  • 2 Standard Rooms Carpet Cleaning
Quickest Way to Sanitize

Why Steam Cleaning

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria

We use a state of art technology to achieve deep sanitizing to remove and kill deeply embedded allergy and germ-infected debris.

It's Just H20 (Water)

Completely natural, steam lifts heavy stains from fabric, dislodges encrusted dirt, melts away grease or grime, kills molds and mildew.

Safe & Eco Friendly

We do not use any chemicals, so there is no harmful residue left behind on surfaces that could be toxic to pets and children. About Us