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Insect Control

Insect Control & Pest Control Solutions

Ants, Flies, Termites, Mosquitos, Bed Bugs and much more...

Your Business Is Safe With Our Knowledgeable Experts Pest Control Technicians

No matter what type of commercial property or business you need pest control for, our experienced technicians can take care of your pest control needs. We offer all types of pest control including treating for roaches, fleas, spiders, termites, bed bugs and rodent removal. Our experience will get rid of your existing pests and create an effective defense so they do not return. We have helped virtually every segment of the business community including:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Condominiums
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Centers
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Distribution Facilities
  • And More

Ant Control

Ants are small yet they have the potential to cause serious disruption to your living and working space. A single ant in your home, office or other structure is an indication there are more hidden in the wood and other spaces. Let Pro 2 Clean Groups Professional Pest control experts take care of your ant problem immediately, avoiding expensive repairs later on.

Ant Attack

If you have seen ants, ant damage or ants of any variety, the time to act is right now! Even a suspicion of ants at your property should spur action. A phone call to our professional pest control services team will assist in getting the situation under control. Our Professional, specialized Pest control team will inspect your property, free of charge, to determine if ants are present, where they are living and whether a full infestation has occurred yet or not. Once we determine the presence of ants on-site, we will get to work fast, eliminating the infestation. Our professional Pest control team has all the tools, equipment and knowledge needed to remove the infestation, for good.

B&G Outdoor Ant Bait Station

  • OUTDOOR : Allows only ants to enter and leave with bait.
  • Has 4 compartments for liquid or granular bait.
  • Holds enough liquid bait for colony control.
  • OUTDOOR : Economical ant bait station with detachable peg

Fly Control

Fly control methods vary depending on the time of year. Fly removal techniques that work in summer months, are not always effective during the winter months. Views on the best ways to get rid of flies differ as well. That’s why we offer a variety of pest control options to help combat flies in any environment.

Fly Fury

During the summer, fly populations skyrocket. An effective method of fly removal is eliminating their breeding grounds. Low fly numbers can be controlled by using a residual insecticide spray, treating surfaces where flies usually rest. Serious problems exist with insecticide-resistant flies making fly populations difficult to control with insecticides alone. Pro 2 Clean Groups Pest Control Service also offer a no insecticide, eco safe, non- poisonous lure option as well as UV light units that incorporate fast acting translucent technology. Pro 2 Clean groups trained pest control professionals will do a free site assessment and advise on the most effective way to get rid of your fly infestation.

Flytrap Red Top Disposable

  • 3 litres: non-reusable fly trap.
  • No insecticides – non poisonous lure, giving complete ecological safety.


Flytrap Red Top Fly Bait

  • Available for the Red Top Cup Trap and other Red Top products.
  • No insecticides – non-poisonous lure, giving complete ecological safety.

Flytrap Red Top Reusable Trap

  • 8 litres: reusable fly trap.
  • No insecticides – non-poisonous lure, giving complete ecological safety.

Flytrap Red Top Service Pack

  • 1 x spare bag & 1 x sachet of bait.
  • No insecticides – non-poisonous lure, giving complete ecological safety.

Cobra 45W Unit

  • Patented translucent technology gives proven faster fly catch response rate than other units of its size, which removes flying insect threats quickly
  • Silent operation and out-of-sight catch area for total discretion in public areas.

Viper 30 Catcher Unit

  • The Insect Light Trap version has a large capacity, grid marked glue board to assist with HACCP compliance.
  • Free standing, wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended installation option.
  • Quick and easy, tool-free servicing.

Viper 30 Killer Unit

  • High-performance unit with high voltage grid.
  • Quick and easy, tool-free servicing.
  • Sleeved lamps for safety in food production areas.
  • Free-standing, wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended installation options.

Aerosol Dispenser For Insecticides

  • With PP Chemical resistant plastic, this deluxe dispenser is insecticidal compatible.
  • It is lockable and times per day can be set as well as spray intervals.
  • The battery (sold separately) has a 12-month lifespan.
  • Capacity: holds 250ml.
  • Size: W: 8,5cm, H: 20cm, Thi: 8,3cm

Mosquito Control

Contact Pro 2 Clean Group with your mosquito control request, our certified mosquito pest control specialists will come to your property to conduct a thorough inspection. During this inspection, we will locate the breeding grounds of the mosquitos – usually a water source on your or an adjacent property.

We will determine the level of the mosquito infestation on the property in order to conclude the type of extermination required.

Mission: Mosquito

Based on our pest control experts’ inspection, we create a tailored, custom mosquito pest control plan to limit mosquitoes within your environment. The plan will outline the type of mosquito treatment, expected timeline of the treatment, specific instructions to the inhabitants of the property, if any, as well as the expected outcome of the treatment.

Pro 2 Clean Groups Pest Control Service uses a range of treatment techniques, ranging between biological control methods, physical control methods, fogging, and pesticides determined by your environment. We prioritise our customers health when using pesticides, choosing safe and certified products.

Based on the extent of the mosquito infestation, we may use a combination of different extermination procedures to provide you with the best results.

The treatment will provide you with mosquito control results for a stipulated period. To control the mosquito population long-term, our certified, professional Pest Control Specialists will advise you on tips and strategies relevant to your specific environment.


Bed Bug Control

Proper bed bug control requires a very watchful eye. To feed on humans, bed bugs want a close proximity to the host. In the bedroom, bed springs, headboards and bed frames are favourite spots for these pests. Furniture and fixtures that are close to a bed are also some favourite spots for bed bugs. Bedrooms are not the only place where bed bugs can be a found. Bed bugs are looking for human hosts inactive long enough to provide a meal, not just at night. Getting rid of bed bugs is a difficult task. Any place that humans sit, rest or sleep presents a place that bed bugs can feed.

Bed Bug Basics

Bed bugs are a major problem. Bed bugs flock to beds as they require the blood of humans and animals to survive. Bed bugs to reach full maturity within a full month but they can live upwards of an entire year! Bed bugs will bite you, your family and your pets. DIY removal attempts will not suffice because Bed bugs are difficult to catch and kill. Let Pro 2 Clean Groups team of professional pest control specialists help to completely eliminate this threat.

Termite Control

Finding out that your home or business is infested with termites can be a devastating realization. Termites can cause irreversible structural damage to your property and the entire experience can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Termite control and early treatment is vital and can save you on costly repairs. Once your home or business is infested, the damage can easily reach thousands of Rands to repair your home or place of business. Termite damage occurs fast and usually without any obvious or tell-tale signs as it happens from the inside out and sometimes when the discovery is finally made, it is too late.

Termite Terminator

We utilize liquid pesticides. Liquid pesticide is the option most utilized as it allows for minimal disruption at your location. No items such as plants or food need to be removed and it is not necessary to perform any specialized tree trimming with this method. Liquid pesticide is spread around the perimeter of your property to make an invisible barrier while permeating every crack to effectively eliminate the termites.

If you are interested in protective termite control or suspect you may have a termite infestation, get in touch with Pro 2 Clean Group Pest Control Services today in order to schedule a free termite inspection.

Pest Control Services For Your Business Needs

Running a business can be complicated and managing pest control can often be an afterthought. However, controlling pests is crucial to maintaining and delivering a properly sanitized environment. That is why you need a professional pest control company to come in and do the job for you!

No business owner wants to deal with pests in their property. Not only are infestations inconvenient, certain insects carry harmful diseases and some pests can cause structural damage. Pro 2 Clean has an experienced team of technicians who are trained to use the safest, most effective pest control methods that will keep you, your business, and your employees safe from pests.

How Do Pro 2 Clean Pest Control Services Work?

Pro 2 Clean practices an integrated pest control management approach, which is a comprehensive method of dealing with pest outbreaks by combining a common-sense approach with professional pest control care.

Pest Control Solution specialists assess the problem and thoroughly checks your property for pest entry points or evidence of activity.

Custom pest control maintenance programs based on the specialist’s findings are created for each client.

The Four Components Of Pro 2 Clean's Pest Control Programs Are:

  • Set action pest thresholds: Pro 2 Clean’s pest control professionals evaluate your location for environmental conditions that attract pests.
  • Monitor and identify pests: Once our pest control professional is familiar with the environmental conditions surrounding you, we start scanning your property for evidence of pest activity.
  • Pest prevention: we work with you to establish practical ways to deter pests through simple methods like proper sanitation, exclusion, and mechanical trapping devices.
  • Pest control methods: If your pest situation cannot be resolved with practical techniques, we work with you to create a custom pest control plan that suits your need

Pest Control Prices

    The cost of your pest control plan depends on a few factors:

  • Property size: Larger properties typically take longer to treat than smaller ones.
  • Type of property: Commercial properties often require different methods of pest control than residential properties.
  • Type of infestation: Some pests require more intensive treatments.
  • Size of infestation: Larger infestations require treating more areas