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Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodent Control Services Includes: Rats, Mice & Moles

Our Certified Pest Control Professionals Have Extensive Rodent Control Experience

Anyone who has ever attempted rodent control on their own knows it can be a harrowing experience to say the least. Our Pest Control Professionals at Pro 2 Clean Group have years of experience in dealing with any kind of rodent problem, safely and efficiently, so you can rest easy.

Our Certified Pest Control Professionals Have The Required Equipment and Solutions For Your Unique Needs

Getting rid of rodents is often more difficult than just setting up a few traps. Our Pest Control Professionals have all the equipment needed to rid your house and business of these pesky critters. We do a thorough, free of charge investigation of your premises, identifying the best equipment and process to complete the job quickly and thoroughly.

  • Wide range of tactics to control and eliminate all types of rodents
  • Latest approved rodenticides
  • Various Entrapment methods
  • Individual, free of charge site assessments
  • Non-toxic monitoring and control methods available
  • Flexible, wall mountings for bait stations
  • Our bait stations are tamper proof and cost effective
  • Fast, economical and long-term solutions

Our Rodent Control Super Heroes:

Cardboard Rodent Bait Station

  • Easy to assemble, cardboard bait station.
  • Disposable for fast area clean-up, for inside use.

Combat Bait Station

  • Economic rat-sized bait station – for cost-sensitive accounts.
  • Lockable and tamper resistant.
  • Uses Tomcat’s universal key.

Tomcat Low Provile (LP)

  • Heavy-duty rat-sized bait station that fits flush against walls and into corners.
  • ‘Low Profile design makes it ideal to use indoors/other tight baiting locations.
  • Patented interior baffles lead rodents directly to the feeding receptacle which holds blocks, tracking powders, liquid baits, cereal baits, and place packs.
  • Uses Tomcat’s universal keys.

Warrior Bait Station

  • Top-loading bait stations can be strapped to pipes, tree branches, support beams, or fences.
  • This unique gravity feed system can be used with bait blocks or liquid bait dispenser bottles.
  • Dual entry allows rodents to come and go from either side.

Fastrac Blox

  • For quicker knockdown versus anticoagulants.
  • Low risk of secondary poisoning, highly weatherable, preservative system inhibits mould growth.

Rodex Bait Blocks

  • Highly active anticoagulant bait for control of red rats, black rats, domestic mice and gerbils.

Trapper Rat (Plastic) Glueboards

  • Trapper Rat catches rats and mice without poison, ideal for poison-sensitive areas and works in the Trapper 24/7 Bait Station.
  • Low profile plastic design and narrow lip increase trap’s effectiveness
  • Tenacious glue will hold a rat securely.
  • Place trap directly in rodents’ runaway between the nest and food supply.

Trapper Tunnel

  • To protect glue boards from dust and debris, make use of the Trapper Tunnel – a sanitary, professional-looking cover that prolongs the glue’s effectiveness while keeping the captured rodents out of view.
  • Tunnels are made of sturdy white plastic or cardboard and are sold separately.

Why You Should Rely On Professionals Like Pro 2 Clean Group For Rodent Pest Control

Let Pro 2 Clean Groups Pest Control Professionals make sure your property is completely clear of pests, through thorough examinations, traps, and treatments. These tactics and customized solutions will help prevent future infestations.

Out Pest Control Professionals are able to identify signs of infestation and work with you to solve the problem, fast!


Pest Control Services For Your Business Needs

Running a business can be complicated and managing pest control can often be an afterthought. However, controlling pests is crucial to maintaining and delivering a properly sanitized environment. That is why you need a professional pest control company to come in and do the job for you!

No business owner wants to deal with pests in their property. Not only are infestations inconvenient, certain insects carry harmful diseases and some pests can cause structural damage. Pro 2 Clean has an experienced team of technicians who are trained to use the safest, most effective pest control methods that will keep you, your business, and your employees safe from pests.

How Do Pro 2 Clean Pest Control Services Work?

Pro 2 Clean practices an integrated pest control management approach, which is a comprehensive method of dealing with pest outbreaks by combining a common-sense approach with professional pest control care.

Pest Control Solution specialists assess the problem and thoroughly checks your property for pest entry points or evidence of activity.

Custom pest control maintenance programs based on the specialist’s findings are created for each client.

The Four Components Of Pro 2 Clean's Pest Control Programs Are:

  • Set action pest thresholds: Pro 2 Clean’s pest control professionals evaluate your location for environmental conditions that attract pests.
  • Monitor and identify pests: Once our pest control professional is familiar with the environmental conditions surrounding you, we start scanning your property for evidence of pest activity.
  • Pest prevention: we work with you to establish practical ways to deter pests through simple methods like proper sanitation, exclusion, and mechanical trapping devices.
  • Pest control methods: If your pest situation cannot be resolved with practical techniques, we work with you to create a custom pest control plan that suits your need

Pest Control Prices

    The cost of your pest control plan depends on a few factors:

  • Property size: Larger properties typically take longer to treat than smaller ones.
  • Type of property: Commercial properties often require different methods of pest control than residential properties.
  • Type of infestation: Some pests require more intensive treatments.
  • Size of infestation: Larger infestations require treating more areas